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The MS in Cyber Security and Privacy offers both a thesis and non-thesis option with each option requiring 30 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree. Both options require 9 credit hours of required core courses. The non-thesis option requires a student to complete 7 electives (21 credits), while the thesis option requires a student to complete 5 electives (15 credits) and thesis that equivalent to 6 credit hours.


An undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, or equivalent is desirable but not required. Applicants without a strong undergraduate background in computer must demonstrate an understanding of the material covered in the following undergraduate courses:

  • COP 3502C – Computer Science I
  • COP 3503C – Computer Science II
  • CIS 3360 – Security in Computing

Required Courses

  • CAP 5150Foundations of Computer Security and Privacy
  • CDA 5209Foundations of Secure Execution Environment
  • CIS 6614Advanced Software Systems Security (Capstone Course)

Electives Track 1: Technical Track

Minimum 1 from cybersecurity/privacy:
  • CAP 5250Internet of Things Security and Privacy
  • COP 5150Blockchains and Smart Distributed Contracts
  • CDA 6221Advanced Topics in Secure Execution Environment
  • CNT 5410LCyber Operations Lab
  • CAP 6135Malware and Software Vulnerability Analysis
  • CIS 6395Incident Response Technologies
Minimum 1 from networking:
  • CNT 5008Computer Communication Networks Architecture
  • CNT 6707Advanced Computer Networks
  • CNT 5805Network Science
Minimum 1 from Data Analytics:
  • COP 5711Parallel and Distributed Database Systems
  • COP 6731Advanced Database Systems
  • CAP 5610Machine Learning
  • CAP 5636Advanced Artificial Intelligence
  • CAP 6640Computer Understanding of Natural Language
Other Electives:
Maximum two elective courses from Interdisciplinary Track
Thesis Option
(Equivalent to 6 credit course hours)

3 credit-hour MS thesis class per semester for two semesters

Electives Track 2: Interdisciplinary Track

College of Business Administration – Management
  • ISM 6327Foundations of Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • MAN 6501 – Cyber Risk and Resilience Assessment
  • MAN 6503 – Cyber Management and Leadership
School of Modeling & Simulation and Training
  • IDC 5602Cybersecurity: A Multidisciplinary Approach
  • IDC 6600Emerging Cyber Issues
  • IDC 6601Behavioral Aspects of Cybersecurity
  • IDS 6262Research Design for Modeling and Simulation
College of Science – Psychology
College of Community Innovation and Education – Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 6717CJ Theories of Crime Analysis and Prevention
  • CCJ 6074Investigative and Intelligence Analysis: Theory and Methods
  • CCJ 6073Data Management Systems for Crime Analysis
Maximum two electives from Technical Track
Thesis Option
(Equivalent to 6 credit course hours)

3 credit-hour MS thesis class per semester for two semesters