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Program Description:

The Master of Science in Cyber Security and Privacy program will provide high-quality cybersecurity graduate education, advance cyber security and privacy research, and address the issues of state, national and international cybersecurity. It provides students with an in-depth education geared toward meeting the cybersecurity workforce needs of business and industry in Florida and throughout the United States.

Students successfully completing this program will have exhibited breadth as well as depth of capability involving both theoretical aspects and practical considerations and applications of cyber security issues in software, hardware, operating system, and various networked devices.

This MS program is offered jointly by College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) (Department of Computer Science), College of Business, School of Modeling & Simulation and Training (SMST), College of Sciences (Department of Psychology), College of Community Innovation and Education (Department of Criminal Justice).

Program Tracks:

The MS in Cybersecurity and Privacy program has two tracks: Technical Track and Interdisciplinary Track.

Technical Track is designed for students aiming to become advanced cybersecurity and privacy professionals, who will master advanced knowledge on cybersecurity and privacy topics such as secure execution environment and malware analysis, and master knowledge on electives on networking, database, operating system, computer architecture, algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and software engineering.

Interdisciplinary Track is designed for students aiming to become managers or administrative personnel of cybersecurity and privacy operations. They will be required to take fundamental and core courses on cybersecurity and privacy, and can choose electives from fields including management and business, human factors, psychology and criminal justice.